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Penis Enlargement FAQ

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Penis Enlargement Frequently Asked Questions
These FAQs are general FAQs written about penis enlargement. This may answer some of your questions on natural enlargement programs and penis enlargement pills.

Which Penis Enlargement Method is the BEST?
The best method is the one that works for you. The most popular method is natural male penis enlargement sites because these are inexpensive at below $50 and yield quick results. There is also of course the penis pumps which many men claim have increased their penis size and will swear they work. The new area of the market are the penis pills, creams and solutions. Most of these are still being tested but they are improving all of the time. The most expensive option is of course surgery but if you can take the risk and afford it this is another option. You can see what worked for me, I added 2.5 inches in length and 2 inches in girth, read my story here.

So will I have a 9 inch monster?
Probably not. The average man usually gains 1-3 inches with natural enlargement sites, pills or pumps. Of course there are still men that gain 3 inches and above but you should not aim this high at first.

Are these methods safe? Are there any risks?
I don't want you to hurt your family jewels! Natural penis enlargement sites that other exercises are extremely safe, they do recommend you contact a doctor before using the program if you want. Pumps can cause soreness on the penis if overused, so don't go buying a $10 pump that could cause you injury, buy an established product. The current pills and drinks on the market currently have no side effects reported and some of them do work great.

These natural enlargement sites, are they all the same?
No. Each site offers the same sort of exercises but the quality is very different and this can effect your results. A site which charges you for $40 for a simple text document is ripping you off. Look for sites which have been rated well by review sites and look at the exact contents the site offers. Videos and pictures can be seen as unnecessary accessories, but this is NOT the case as it clearly shows exactly how the exercises should be done so you get results faster. A poorly designed site usually indicates the site is a "rip-off" with no support or real content.

Can pills & liquids really enlarge the penis?
YES, the big sites such as have sold many penis pills and some reports have came through on enlargement message boards that they do work. Many men however are taking the step of combining natural enlargement methods and the pills to achieve faster results and larger gains. The choice is your but beware try to always go with a popular site, that lists ingredients of its products and exactly what the product achieves. Most of the products being sold come with a money back guarantee.

My penis as gained 2 inches, I am happy can I Stop now?
It depends, If you have been using weights or stretchers in the long term you are likely to lose 0.5 inches off that length. If you are using a natural enlargement site then the best ones have a "cooling down" workout guide which weans you off the program and keeps the results you have gained permanent. Permanent gains can be made with pills and natural exercises together.

Some of these enlargement devices/sites seem like scams?
The penis enlargement industry is very big and many people have came in ripped off content and design and stuck up their own site which leaves you with no support, guarantee etc. As a consumer take your time making your decision read the tour on the enlargement sites and see what other sites say about what they offer. BE CAREFUL I know penis enlargement works, many hundreds of thousands of men change themselves each year.

My Mum/Wife/Son/Brother might find out?
No. Most sites offer a discreet service for their products. For example enlargement sites will bill you discreetly eg "CCBILL" would appear on your bill. Pumps, pills etc are all sent discreetly packed and no mention of the contents. Secure servers are always used when purchasing.

Are these Guarantee's legitimate?
Yes. However the sites usually want you to try their exercises for 2 months or shorter before they will refund you, but you can defiantly get your money back if you don't see results after this time. The top sites offer longer guarantees and actually stipulated when they will give a refund, these are the sites as a consumer you should choose. You know where you stand and if the product/website fails to deliver the results you can claim your money back and you lost nothing.

Can these sites help "Impotence", "premature ejaculation" etc?
Some of the sites can help you with these problems. The top 30 natural enlargement sites all contain information on exercising the PC muscle which can help you prevent premature ejaculation and ejaculate when you actually want to. These programs can also help with impotence and the prevention of impotence, some sites have special areas on this issue and if this is your concern look for these sites, including Penis-Health

Do I REALLY want to enlarge my penis?
This is completely up to you. Ask yourself these simple questions. Are you happy with your girth and length sizes? Are you confident in bed? Are you confident naked? If not then its your choice if you want to improve yourself and do something about it. If it will make you feel better about yourself then why not just go for it? Good luck.

Penis Pills FAQ

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Penis Enlargement Pill Questions And Answers!

Many of the pill sites including those that we have listed, claim they can enlarge your penis without the need for a natural enlargement program. Below is some FAQ on penis pills:

Other than enlargement, what are other benefits of penis enlargement pills?
As well as enlarging the penis the following benefits have been reported
• Erection strengthening (erections like rocks)
• Increased sexual stamina
• Increased head size
• More intense orgasms
• Improvement in urinary flow
• Increased blood circulation to genital area.
• Higher sex drive
• Treatment of impotence
• Increased sperm production
• Overall improvement in sexual function
• Increased orgasm intensity.

What are the ingredients of penis enlargement pills?
Stay away from any pill which has YOHIMBE in it as this pill has had a warning placed on it by the FDA. Pills containing this herb should be avoided because of the side effects. All good pill sites should contain a list of the ingredients that their pills have. All the sites we listed did. The ingredients only tell half the story the actual blending and quality of the ingredients is also what counts.

Quite often we get asked; how can one get penis enlargement from a pill?
Penis enlargement pills internally stimulate development of the erectile chambers allowing for more blood to be held, thus giving a longer and thicker erection. The science is simple; the effects are astounding.
There are thousands of skeptical men in the world who can't quite believe that you can gain inches on your penis simply by taking a penis enlargement pill. We've done the math, researched the possibilities and ultimately tried out each available method of penis enlargement and our studies have shown amazing results.
Penis enlargement pills will not only increase the length and thickness of your erections but you'll also experience longer lasting and harder erections with most available products. This offers you gains in length, thickness, stamina and strength. Most men appreciate help in at least ONE of these areas - penis enlargement pills help in them ALL!

Are penis pills safe?
Generally speaking, enlargement pills are quite safe. This is because their ingredients are non-prescriptive, consisting mostly of natural herbs. However, you should ALWAYS read the ingredients for yourself. Some pill companies state that men with diabetes or genital nerve damage should NOT take enlargement pills.

What is the daily dose I must take?
You usually take 2-3 tablets per a day. A month's supply is either 60 or 90 capsules.

How much do pills cost?
Penis enlargement pills are not cheap. They usually cost anywhere between $40-$80 per a month. However if you buy in bulk then you usually get large discounts. You usually have to take them for no longer than 3-4 months.

Will I see results, for sure?
Results may vary but you WILL see some results. WE have many e-mails from readers of this site stating they have enlarged their penis by up to 2 even 3 inches in just a couple of month's. We have also had men that have gained only 1 inch but you will benefit from ALL the additional things listed above no matter what size gain you make.

Average Penis Size

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Andromedical carries out a research on the penis size worldwide

Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego , director of the medical company SizeGenetics specialised in andrology, has carried out a detailed research to determine the average penis length worldwide.


In his long professional experience, Dr Gomez de Diego has directly treated more that 1,500 patients in his laboratory. They have undergone a penis-enlargement treatment with the SizeGenetics, a penile extender developed by Andromedical.

According to a study published by the Spanish Society of Andrology in the year 2001, the average penis length in the erected state among Spanish males was established at 13.58 cm. This lead Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego to question the accuracy of this research, since his own experience in his laboratory made him come to the conclusion that the average penis length was rather 14cm.

Hence, Dr Gomez de Diego carried out a widespread research, which took into consideration several studies published by prestigious physicians of different nationalities. He concluded that the average size, according to all studies, is to be established at 14cm, confirming thus the aforementioned research carried out by Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego.

The Penis Size Worldwide

Average in erection
Average in Flacidity
12.9 cms.
5 inches.
8.8 cms.
3.4 inches.
Wesseells H., Lue T., McAicnich J.
14.48 cms.
5.6 inches.
Dr. Gunther Hagler, Urólogo.
13.58 cms.
5.3 inches.
Dr. Javier Ruiz Romero
Clínica Tres Torres, Barcelona, 2001.
16 cms.
6.2 inches.
12 cms.
4.7 inches.
Bouchet A., Cuilleret J.
13 cms.
5.1 inches.
8 cms.
3.1 inches.
Japanese Journal of Sexology
12.4 +/-1.6 cms.
4.8 inches.
Dr. Paulo Palma, Urólogo. Brasil.
Carlos da Ros, Claudio Teloken
15 cms.
5.9 inches.

10 cms.
3.9 inches.

Dr. Jamal Salhi de la Sociedad de Andrología de Italia
Dr. Carpenito Ambulatori Especialista en Andrología.
12.7 cms.
5 inches.
9.5 cms.
3.7 inches.
" Dimensiones peneanas en la población venezolana "
Servicio de Urología , Hospital Domingo Luciani .
14.9 cms.
5.87 inches.
Dr. Francisco Ordóñez
" Lifestyles Condom Co. In Cancún, México �, 2001.
12.18 +/- 1.7 cms.
4.8 inches.
Dr. Spyropoulos E. et coll
Hospital Naval de Veteranos, Atenas, 2003.
10.2 cms.
4 inches.
" The Jacobus Survey "
12.4 +/-1.6 cms.
4.8 inches.
Dr. Mohamed Habos.
Clínica de Comportamientos y Enfermedades de los Órganos Genitales Masculinos.
14 cms.
5.5 inches.
Dr. Eduardo Pino, Urólogo/ Andrólogo.
Clínica Andromex, Santiago de Chile.
13.9 cms.
5.4 inches.
8.95 cms.
3.5 inches.
Acuña A., Villalba J. & Juan Carlos Villalba.
Clínica A. Saio, Bogotá.
9.6 cms.
3.7 inches.
6.9 cms.
2.7 inches.
Hwancheol Son, Hanjoon LeeJung-Sik Huh, Soo Kim & Jae-Seung Paick.

Penis Anatomy

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Anatomy of the Penis

So you can better understand how penis enlargement works you should understand the anatomy of the penis.

The above diagram clearly illustrates the corpora cavernosa chambers which will be expanded with the use of natural enlargement programs and penis pills.

corona: The 'crown,' a ridge of flesh demarcating where the head of the penis and the shaft join.
corpa cavernosa: The corpora cavernosa are the two spongy bodies oferectile tissue on either side of the penis which become engorged with blood from arteries in the penis, thus causing erection.
cowper's glands: The Cowper's glands secrete a small amount ofpre-ejaculate fluid prior to orgasm. This fluid neutralizes the acidity within the urethra itself.
ejaculatory ducts: The path through the seminal glands which semen travels during ejaculation.
epididymis: The epididymis is a 'holding pen' where sperm produced by the seminiferous tubules mature. The sperm wait here until ejaculation or nocturnal emission.
foreskin, prepuce: A roll of skin which covers the head of the penis in uncircumcised men.
frenulum, frenum: A thin strip of flesh on the underside of the penis that connects the shaft to the head.
glans: The glans is clearly visible in illustration (A) as the head of the penis. The glans in uncircumcised men is usually covered by the prepuce. The glans is highly sensitive, as is the corona, the ridge of flesh that connects the glans to the shaft of the penis.
prostate gland: Also produces a fluid that makes up the semen. The prostate gland also squeezes shut the urethral duct to the bladder, thus preventing urine from mixing with the semen and disturbing the pH balance required by sperm.
scrotum: The scrotum is a sac that hangs behind and below the penis, and contains the testes, the male sexual glands. The scrotum's primary function is to maintain the testes at approximately 34 C, the temperature at which the testes most effectively produce sperm.
seminal vesicles: The seminal vesicles produce semen, a fluid that activates and protects the sperm after it has left the penis during ejaculation
smemga: A substance with the texture of cheese secreted by glands on each side of the frenulum in uncircumcised men.
testes, testicles: The male sexual glands, the two testes within the scrotum produce sperm and testosterone. Within each testis is a kilometer of ducts called the seminiferous tubules, the organs which generate sperm. Each testicle produces nearly 150 million sperm every 24 hours.
urethra, meatus: The opening at the tip of the penis to allow the passage of both urine and semen.
vas deferens: The ducts leading from the epididymis to the seminal vesicles. These are the ducts that are cut during the procedure known as vasectomy.

Don't get scammed!

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Don't Get Scammed

Spend a little time on the internet and you will become quickly aware of the huge numbers of companies that offer penis enlarging solutions. How do you recognize the good, reputable companies from the frauds that are dealing ineffective or inferior products to make a quick buck? Below are some warning signs of bad company practice and potential scams in the rapidly expanding penis enlargement market and how to identify the good products from the bad.

Does the product list its ingredients clearly? Are they top grade ingredients?
Low grade ingredients can yield little to no results, and possibly cause other internal complications. Make sure that the company you deal with lists all the ingredients of their product and guarantees the quality of the ingredients.
Does the company supply you with ongoing support?
If a company really has developed its own product, or devised a unique system with medical research, then they should provide you with ongoing support to ensure that you are using the system or product appropriately. If a company does not have customer assistance then do not use them.
Did you receive the info via spam?
Unsolicited email is illegal and no reputable company would advertise this way. Avoid companies that spam.
Have you seen the text on another site?
If the text on a site seems to be a copy-and-paste from somewhere else on the net, then their validity is called into question. The exception to this is that many sites may quote the same medical articles.
Does the marketing look professional?
Is the website or printed material professionally designed, or does it look like an amateur made it on their home computer?
Is it a well established and respected company?
You want to purchase from a company that has a successful track record of satisfied clients who have provided true testimonials to the effectiveness of the product. ProSolutionPills, ProEnhance, Penis-Health, and SizeGenetics are highly recommended by
Does the site have a sensible URL?
Avoid sites that have URLs that seem designed to cram in every word that a search engine may look for. This type of company (or more likely individual) is usually just looking to make some fast cash and has not dedicated the research to developing an effective, safe product.

Women like it BIG

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You've heard the jokes, the smart little references etc that everyone makes about penis size. While many women politely claim that size doesn't matter, the painful truth is that size does in fact matter. Partner's penis is listed among the top three causes of sexual disatisfaction for women. And while a woman may be willing to work on the other reasons, such as communication and intimacy issues, they mistakenly think that there is nothing that can be done about their partner's penis size.

It's a matter of anatomy. The pleasure centers of a woman must be physically stimulated in order for her to reach orgasm. If her partner's penis does not reach these spots, or isn't of suitable dimensions to effectively stimulate them, then the woman simply cannot reach orgasm, and will be left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

You've suspected it all along, and you are right - size matters.

But there is something you can do about it. Take matters into your own hands and increase your penis size. Just like any other muscle in your body, your penis can be made larger. ProSolutionPills, ProEnhance, Penis-Health ,and SizeGenetics are highly recommended by to enhance your penis and improve your, and your partner's, sex life. Read our full reviews of the products by selecting a link from the menu to the left.

About penis enlargement

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All About Penis Enlarging Methods

Ideal methods of penis enlargement will vary from individual to individual. To select the best for yourself, you need to understand how the different methods work (and why some don't at all). In general there are 5 currently used effective methods including:
targeted penis exercises
penis enlargement pharmaceuticals
penis enhancing pumps
penis stretches and weights
surgical augmentation

To understand how penis enlargement works, you should have a general understanding of penile anatomy and physiology.

The penis is primarily composed of 3 main areas: the one smaller chamber, the lower Corpus Spongisum that functions for urination and ejaculation, and two upper chambers, which together are called the Corpora Cavernosa, and are the areas where 90% of the blood is retained during an erection. Penis length and girth is limited to the maximum capacity of these two chambers.

To enlarge your penis you need to develop the size of the Corpora Cavernosa. Like any tissue of the body, this can be achieved with proper targeted exercises (as provided by Penis-Health and SizeGenetics ) or growth can be stimulated with specific medical formulas (such as ProSolutionPills and ProEnhance ). There are other methods designed to attempt Corpora Cavernosa enlargement, but many put you at risk of side-effects as described later in the page.

Penis Exercises
This is the most natural method of enlarging the penis, but not all exercises are effective, and some can be downright dangerous. Many of the programs we reviewed seemed to be based on little research or anatomical understanding. Very few had been developed with medical professional input. Of all the exercise exclusive programs available we only recommend one: Penis-Health. It is the only exercise exclusive online resource to offer a researched and independently tested and doctor recommended program. The site is easy to navigate, contains clear, concise diagrams and video instruction, is continuously updated, and employs a full time team of researchers and personal trainers. The program takes an average of only 7 minutes per day. Penis-Health has a success rate of 99.8% and they guarantee your satisfaction with a 100% money back guarantee. Click here to read our full review.

Penis Enlargement Herbal Formulas
This is an herbal method of enlarging the Corpora Cavernosa (and thus enlarging the penis) by stimulating the blood flow to the chambers, resulting in an expansion of the wall tissue, and by stimulating healthy cell growth in the walls of the chambers. Because of its convenience this method is currently the most popular though the overall the success rate with herbal formulas is relatively low due to unscrupulous manufacturing practices that are rampant within the industry. However, we discovered two penis enlargement herbal companies that really do provide the results they promise: ProSolutionPills and ProEnhance. Featured in Maxim magazine, ProSolutionPills were developed over a two year period and contains only doctor recommended, all natural ingredients. Clients of ProSolutionPills experience 1-3 inches permanent growth in length, as well as the additional benefits of heightened orgasmic pleasure and an end to premature ejaculation. The company is so sure that you will see gains within 60 days, that they offer a 100% guarantee to it. Click here to read our full review.

The one other formula product we were impressed with and heartily recommend is ProEnhance. This product is completely unique in that it administers the 100% all natural formula with a dermal patch, similar to the "Nicotine Patch". Many men find this to be the most convenient method of penis enhancement. Because ProEnhance has been reviewed and approved by doctors, we found it to be one of the two superior herbal methods of penis enlargement. The results are quick (within days), excellent (2-3 inches in length, 1-2 inches in girth), and fully guaranteed by the company. Click here to read our full review.

Combination Penis Enlargement Methods
Our research has revealed that you do not need a combination of methods to achieve the results you desire. Either an excellent exercise regime, or a quality herbal formula product will achieve permanent penis enhancement without the need for additional assistance, however one system really stood out as being a superior and excellent combination method: SizeGenetics. This company has combined resources with, and to bring you the best in penis enhancing exercises and pills, along with a traction device for safe penis enhancement. Normally we do not recommend traction devices as many can be hazardous to your health, however the SizeGenetics extension device is safe, easy-to-use and is fully adjustable to fit any size penis. For men who want to approach their penile enlargement from several angles at once, SizeGenetics is by far the most fully encompassing combination system for fast, guaranteed results. Click here to read our full review.

Penis Enlargement Pumps, Traction Devices and Weights
Pumps, traction devices and weights have been developed for years with the theory that tissue stretched for a length of time will eventually retain those elongated proportions. MalePenisGrowth generally does not recommend these devices as they provide very little permanent growth, and if used incorrectly can result in injury to the penis. The use of weights we are strongly against. However the SizeGenetics combination system provides the only traction device that we have found to be safe and effective. The system also addresses penis enlargement from several other angles ensuring that penis enlargement is achieved with all beneficial methods.

Penis Enlargement Surgery
As with all surgery, penis augmentation has its list of drawbacks including, but not limited to: extreme financial cost, pain, post surgical recovery time, risk of botched surgery, and risk of surgical complications. With today's natural, easy and financially feasible solutions we highly recommend selecting an alternative to surgery.